Meet Roulette – New Original Game

BetFury Casino Nov 7, 2023

Meet the new Original BetFury Roulette! Create the perfect strategy and feel like you are in a real Las Vegas casino. Let's check out this novelty from red to black!

About New Roulette

The new BetFury Roulette is the quintessence of European style and amazing gameplay. It has a 97.3% RTP and has a chance to become one of the most profitable Table games on the platform. The main advantages are an ability to make Section Bets and a Drug’n’Drop feature for changing the chips' position in a few clicks. Atmospheric music and high-quality graphics will immerse you in the incredible gambling world. Let's learn basic rules and opportunities that will help you get the victory.

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How to Win?

  • Choose a cryptocurrency for betting.
  • Place multi-colored chips with different denominations on some of the 37 numbers (18 red, 18 black, and zero).
  • The placement variation covers all possible combinations of classic European Roulette.
  • The minimum bet is one chip with a minimum denomination (0.00000001 in any cryptocurrency).
  • The maximum bet is 1 000 USD (3 000 for VIPs).
  • Use the buttons to move and remove chips to build the perfect combination.
  • The fewer chips you place – the higher your winning chances.

Variety of Roulette Bets

You can place chips covering all possible numbers. Mr. Fury has prepared a list of betting options from the classic Roulette. 

  • The Straight-Up Bet: A bet on one number, from 1 to 36, or zero.
  • The Split Bet: A bet on two adjacent numbers. To do this, place a chip on the line intersecting these numbers.
  • The Street Bet: A bet on the entire vertical line, such as the numbers 13, 14, and 15. To do this, place a chip on the bottom edge of the selected set.
  • The Corner Bet: A bet that covers a cluster of 4 numbers. It can also capture zeros. To do this, place the chip in the center at the intersection of 4 numbers.
  • The Six Line: A bet on a cluster of 6 numbers, that is, two vertical lines. To do this, place a chip at the intersection of two numbers below.
  • Column Bets: Bet on the entire horizontal line. To do this, place a chip on a special field on the right.
  • Dozen Bets: Bet on a cluster of 12 numbers. To do this, place a chip on one of three special fields.
  • Red or Black Bets: Bet on all black or red numbers. To do this, place a chip on a special field of the corresponding color.
  • Odd or Even Bets: Bet on all odd or even numbers.
  • High or Low Bets: Bet on the high and low range of numbers.

What Are Section Bets?

This is a feature for covering a certain part of Roulette with one bet. The convenience is that you limit the range that a random ball can fall into, just like in Dice. Choose one of the four Section Bets in the menu:

  • Neighbors of Zero: Place nine chips on multiple splits.
  • Orphans: Place five chips on four splits and one straight-up bet.
  • Third of the Wheel: Place six chips on the splits and cover a third of the circle.
  • Zero Game: Place four chips on two splits and two straight-up bets.

Drug'n'Drop Feature

Taste an exclusive feature from the BetFury team! The Drug’n’Drop Feature allows you to move chips that have already been placed without returning your moves step-by-step. Just drag the chips to a convenient place and change your strategy in seconds!

Chips & Crypto

Each chip corresponds to a certain amount of crypto. The higher the denomination – the higher your bet. Different currencies require different denominations for chips. For example, a 100k chip for Bitcoin is equal to 0.001 BTC (about $35), and a 100k chip for BNB is equal to 0.1 BNB (about $22). Therefore, we advise you to first decide on the currency, place your chips, and keep an eye on your overall bet. If you place chips and then change the currency, the playing field will be cleared.

Game Buttons & Modes

History Button: Open the history panel with your recent bets.
Undo Button: Remove last placed chip/last section bet/declined last Drag’n’Drop action.
Clear Button: Clear the board from all placed chips.
Autoplay: Let Autoplay take the lead if you have your strategy and desire to win quickly. 
Fast Mode: Skip animation during the gameplay to save time for excellent wins.
Hotkeys: Make your gaming easier just with a few tabs on your keyboard.
Animation On/Off: Turn off the lights and other animation effects for concentration.
Sound Effects: Control background music and effect sounds for the best atmosphere and excellent concentration.

About Early Access for VIPs

VIP users are the first to play the BetFury Roulette! This pre-release is a special surprise for our loyal VIP Club members. If you're not a member yet, it's time to play more, carve out a VIP place in the sun, and receive amazing perks! While you wait, increase your BFG wallet balance to prepare for amazing strategy moves and bets in the new BetFury Roulette!

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